Dojazd w Smolniku


You can find vehicle arrival coordinates to Schronisko at any navigation site, here is a link to our location in Google Maps. We would like to think that that's so simple. In fact, had it been that simple, we would not have been a mountain lodge...

You can get to Smolnik by road from two redirections - from the east (i.e. from Cisna) or the west and the north (i.e. from Komańcza). In the latter case, all those who will be travelling to visit us from Sanok, Rymanów or Dukla through Komańcza rather than from Cisna need to know that directions by Google and other navigation solutions suggest that the road to our place from Rzepedź and Komańcza passes through Duszatyn and Mików. Meanwhile, on the way between Komańcza and Mików You will encounter ... no entry sign for vehicles other than forest administration... Thus, we propose to take the main road (no 897), i.e. leading through Komańcza, Radoszyce and Smolnik, a bit longer in distance but shorter in time. Unless You are prepared for a chat with forest guards.

Neither Google Maps nor any other applications explain what You need to know to get to our place inside Smolnik in sufficient detal. The map above or this link shows the local road from the crossing with the main road (no 897) between Komańcza and Cisna leading to Schronisko through Smolnik, with a bright marking of the signpost leading to Schronisko through a forest clearance/periodically lumber yard, also functioning as parking. 

To put in words and expand on what the map shows - from the main road (no 897) You need to pass through the village and reach the signpost to Schronisko (the map marks it in Polish in yellow font as "Drogowskaz") located on a tree on the left side of an elevated part of the road), and turn right leaving the asphalt road. In our slang at Schronisko this section is called "the short road".

As of April 2018, the short road is the only road to the Chalet. After You turn right at the first signpost ("Drogowskaz" on the map) (or left when riding from the direction of Mików) You will find a large forest clearing (click here to see its GPS location) after approx. 300 metres, which is sometimes used as a lumber yard, and at which our guests like to leave their cars to walk up the last kilometre, especially when the weather, vehicle or driver's choice do not allow to drive up the hill. From here, the road makes a sharp left turn and climbs steeply initially through the wood and then passes through a scenic travers reaching directly the parking site at Schronisko, after slightly more than a kilometre from the parking site at the clearing. This route is referred to as "the short road" as it is the shortest route between Schroniska and the centre of Smolnik, i.e. the shop and the church. Unlike "the long road", it is quite wide and most suitable for 4x4 vehicles. In fact, many non-4x4 drivers will also make it to the Chalet provided their vehicle has a decent ground clearance, and the driver will use some courage ;) and/or terrain driving skills.

The photos below show sections of "the short road":

The parking site at the clearance (lumber yard), seen from the descent from Schronisko:

Krótka droga - parking


The middle, forest section:



And slightly above, just below the upper edge of the wood:



The last section of a steep climb, just below the left-turn above the meadow (right top of the scene) from where the traverse begins (as shown on the next photo):



And the last section - "the traverse" to the Chalet, seen from a hill called Wierch from the other bank of the Osława river:

Krótka droga - trawers


You may also choose to leave your vehicle at a site a bit more distant from the village centre. This alternate place is marked by the second smaller signpost leading to Schronisko, located aprroximately 1,5 km from the first one, outside the village, around 400 meters after a roadsine shrine on the right, enclosing the village, from which the road begins a slight descend towards Mików. This signpost directs guests towards Schronisko along the so called long road, currently closed for motorised traffic.

The signpost is located immediately after a roadside parking bay (click here for its GPS coordinates), enabling safe parking for three to four vehicles. It is often used by our guests who prefer to walk up with a backpack or use our 4x4 transfer service to Schronisko.

From the second signpost You can walk or drive along a one-vehicle-wide dirt road which leads to Schronisko in several sections of varying difficulty:

  • "entrance": first You need to pass the culvert over a ditch on the right of the asphalt road, initial 10-20 metres require attention and very slow driving, especially for vehicles with lower clearance
  • "the traverse": further on the dirt road improves a bit, you ride approx. 200 metres along a horizontal traverse, initially almost paralelly to the asphalt road on the left,
  • "the turn": as the road at the edge of the forest makes a gentle U-turn right uphill.
  • "end of the road for motor vehicles": as of April 2018, right after the turn, a fence prevents drivers from further ride, but you can quite comfortably walk uphill along the road which leads directly towards the Chalet.
  • "the climb": another 200 metres straight uphill initally quite steep, then a bit flatter, opening more and more space and view,
  • "the ridge": after the climb the road becomes easy and very scenic, for the last 500 metres climbing gently on top of a grassy ridge, at the end of which You may notice the smoke coming of the chimney or the lights of Schronisko at night.

The parking place at Schronisko (click here to its GPS location) is located approx. 70 metres from the Chalet, and accessible by car only from the short road, described earlier.

The photos below visualise above described sections of the "long road":

The traverse:

Długa droga - trawers zimą


The climb in the summer, just after a storm (the view down the hill):

Długa droga - podjazd latem po burzy


The climb in the winter (the same section seen up the hill):


Długa droga - podjazd zimą


The ridge - as the reward:

 Długa droga - grzbiet latem