Many visitors planning a few days' stay at Schronisko choose from the following options, and we are happy to help arranging them.

Around the Chalet:

  • the play ground: a tree swing, sandpit, trampoline and other attractions for children, added here each year,
  • horse riding: in front of Schronisko there are spacious pastures, very useful when we arrange or host mounted rallies...,
  • we arrange 4x4 rides around our premises as well as the picturesque pathless tracts in our vicinity,
  • scenic flights taking off from the front of the Chalet: due to kindness of pilots who happen to be on site or arrive with the purpose to make a flight with our guests,
  • stagecoach rides, and more accurately a trip in a gipsy type of carriage (see the photo): including private excursions from the Chalet on a chosen route,
  • excursions with a forester to the primeval forest stretching from behind the Chalet, watching birds and animals (our immediate vicinity is pupulated by wisents, wolves, bears and many more),
  • mountain cycling; if you miss your own, we will arrange the bicycles for you
  • scenic walks and trips on foot in near vicinity for a few hours, like:
    • Smolnik and its traditional wooden architecture,
    • a trip to the Lakes of Duszatyn through Mików,
    • the surrounding so called 'małe (low) połoniny', especially four unforested scenic hills within 5 kilometers from the Chalet. 'Połoniny' is the name for the regional type of mountain pastures). The Wysokie (high) Połoniny ridge groups the highest peaks in Bieszczady,

And at a longer distance:

  • a bath in Osława: Smolnik conceals a unique mountain river lido close to our vintage log cabin in the valley of Osława, - the only in this part of the river, 2.5-meter deep and about 30-meter long; in the summer you can relax and sunbathe on a small stony beach,
  • mounted rallies along pathless tracts of Bieszczady, organised every few weeks by our friends, click here for more info,
  • a package tour in horse pulled carriagesTraperska przygoda”, whose route passes right underneath Schronisko and leads to the nearby Lakes of Duszatyn (see clickable photos in the bottom of this page),
  • other one day coach trips provided by Bieszczader tour office (to Lvov and other desinations), especially those whose route runs through Smolnik (in this year trips to Hungary : Tokaj and Miszkolc pass through Smolnik),
  • a ride on  the narrow trail train of Bieszczady from nearby village of Majdan,
  • The Solińskie Lake and its all water attractions, especially inexpensive yacht charter in close Zawóz (40 km from Schronisko),
  • car trips to Slovakia  in own car or our bus, using the nearby frontier crossing at Radoszyce:
    • an interesting museum of Andy Warhol in nearby Medzilaborce, with a restaurant right next to where you can taste Slovak cuisine,
    • a bit further - volcanic ridge of Vyhorlat and "the Slovak Sea",
    • and still further - the cold geyzer at Hyrlany erupting each 36 hours,

And inside the Chalet:

  • baking bread in our traditional bread oven,
  • games and playing in the fireplace hall,
  • the chalet cinema (we provide a DVD-player, and the sounding, we do not yet have a projector, but we do have a quite big flat screen,