Dear Guest!

Welcome on our virtual doorstep. Before You pay us a real life visit, please read these words with understanding. You will be aware of where You are heading, and we will be happy when You feel good about it.

The Chalet beyond Smolnik (Schronisko nad Smolnikiem) is a mountain lodge, which is full of conveniences including those unavailable even in many hotels, but it is not a hotel and not even a boarding house. Please respect the nature of this place and do not require us to deliver things that are not available at mountaing lodges. Do not expect TV, too fast internet or easy access along an asphalt road. Do not assume that we will fulfill all your dreams, either.

No marked tourist route passes thought our location, tourist guides hardly visit us, and in general it is not easy to find us, unless from Smolnik, where the route is marked by two road-side sign posts showing the direction of a short but intense walk uphill to the ridge, where at daytime You will easily see the shingled wooden house and at darkness there is always a glowing light.

We will happily share with You our mountain air, our landscape over Bieszczady and Beskid Niski mountains, a log cabin ambience, a friendly word, warm meal and a place to sleep. Wrap up your heart to mountains and people with You and You will certainly feel at home. You will then enjoy opportunities to make good use of kindness and good mood, as You will most likely meet other open hearts, who are also fond of this place and will be willing to meet You.

If You are planning to reach us by car without a 4x4 drive, be prepared to leave your vehicle in the valley in bad weather. You may then need to make a 15-minute walk up to The Chalet. Therefore, it is clever to wrap your things up in backpacks rather than suitcases. Because reservations are reservations - of course we respect them, but - as in mountain lodges - who climbs up and stands on our doorstep carrying a backpack, will always find here a shelter.


The Chalet beyond Smolnik has earned the rank of the highest airman's lodge in Poland, at whose walls pilots can anchor their flying vehicles overnight.

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All people of arts are especially warmly welcome at Schronisko: 

photographers, poets, musicians, painters, film makers - well-known names all of these professions have visited Schronisko many times at open air sessions, studio recording sessions, workshops, concerts or simply relaxing and enjoying a rest away from all this ...

Quite a few concerts of recognised Polish musicians have been held here: Tilt, Jacek Kleyff, Cisza jak Ta, Caryna, Kapela Maliszów have performed at Schronisko, each time with the climate of a log cabin forming a unique background for the music, sometimes with the building being literally the back of the scene during open air concerts held in front of Schronisko.

And a few insiders know that the acoustics of the fireplace hall inside Schronisko can challenge parameters of best recording studios in Poland...

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For mountain backpackers

As one of a few mountain lodges in Bieszczady, we await everyone with the heart for the mountains all the year round. We will be happy to serve something warm to eat, something cold to dring, a place one the floor saute or with a mattress to spend a night. Those more demanding will enjoy staying in rooms with own bathrooms up the stairs.


We are extremely happy to welcome all families with children, perhaps because we are such family ourselves.

All rooms at Schronisko are designed and arranged with thought for families. The swing and a sand pit are right by the building, thus parents can take a peaceful rest because there is no road traffic here, and the grasslands surrounding the building sweeps for a kilometre away from Schronisko.

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