We are always happy to be able to handle our guest reservations personnally. Just click this link to display our phone and email coordinates.

Nonetheless, the bottom part of this page allows You to:

  • check current room vacancies for each of our rooms, as well as the place on the floor
  • make a reservation yourself with instant adjustment of availability of the chosen room online,
  • display and email a confirmation of your reservation to your mailbox,
  • display and email required advance payment details to your mailbox.

The availability of rooms displayed on this page is online and up to date.

There is no place limitation on the campsite, however an earlier contact and perhaps making some boarding arrangement is always a good idea.

The oven bed cannot be prebooked before arrival at the chalet, however it is always available for free to all our guests who like to keep warm. Its capacity is regretfully limited to only one.