All people of arts are especially warmly welcome at Schronisko: 

photographers, poets, musicians, painters, film makers - well-known names all of these professions have visited Schronisko many times at open air sessions, studio recording sessions, workshops, concerts or simply relaxing and enjoying a rest away from all this ...

Quite a few concerts of recognised Polish musicians have been held here: Tilt, Jacek Kleyff, Cisza jak Ta, Caryna, Kapela Maliszów have performed at Schronisko, each time with the climate of a log cabin forming a unique background for the music, sometimes with the building being literally the back of the scene during open air concerts held in front of Schronisko.

And a few insiders know that the acoustics of the fireplace hall inside Schronisko can challenge parameters of best recording studios in Poland...

Open air sessions and workshops 

photographic, painting, and ... drummers


We are lucky to welcome master Aleksander Jasicki quite often, and You can soon expect to hold a special evening of poetry and music. Check the News in our menu for more information.