As in all mountain lodges, we stay ready to feed and to offer a drink to any unexpected visitors. Thus:

we do our best to always be sufficiently supplied with beverages:

  • fruit juices,
  • mineral water, still and sparkling,
  • 3 brands of beer,
  • hungarian wine, semi-dry white and dry red,
  • regional tinctures and liquors,

and with we are prepared to serve no extra effort typical mountain tourist food, often based on frozen dishes prepared by us earlier, like:

  • bigos (meat and cabbage stew),
  • baked beans,
  • chicken,
  • pierogi (dumplings stuffed with cheese, meat or mushrooms),

moreover, You can also do your own cooking – at a small fee, into your hands we gladly pass the reign over entire kitchen, with its oven, gas, wood, pots and dishes, cutlery, spices, the fridge and the dish-washer (this option, however, is available only on days and hours when there are no larger groups in the Chalet, when we need the kitchen ourselves to serve pre-ordered meals),

however, the most enjoyable part of our cuisine are meals prepared from fresh products, we serve them as part of our pre-ordered full or half boarding:

  • breakfasts: usual mountain tourists' breakfast, tasty, rich and inexpensive,
  • regional breakfasts, or small morning feast,
  • lunch (served also at dinner time), consisting of three dishes: soup, main course and a drink,
  • rich dinners consisting of five dishes, including soup, main course, appetisers, deserts and beverages (water, jouice, tea or one of our brand drinks,
  • we gladly and frequently serve vergetarian boarding, at the same cost as traditional cuisine. We also serve slightly more expensive gluten-free dishes.

Our experience shows that we most often serve two meal barding (breakfast and the rich dinner). Maybe because we encourage our guests ourselves to enjoy their all day en route.

Boarding and meals for children are served at ¾ of adult price